Information about transportation

Travelling to Tartu is easy!


You can search direct flights to Tallinn or Tartu! There is a very small but functional airport in Tartu (10 min connection to the centre) however, majority of direct flights are to Tallinn Lennart Meri airport and there are a lot of different travel connections from there to Tartu. All major European flight companies provide either direct or connection flights to Tallinn. International bus routes are also available.


There is a direct bus transport from Tallinn airport to Tartu either by an airport shuttle service or several regular buses (around 2.5 hours). The airport shuttle is quite hassle free as they will wait for you if you are delayed and will take you to the door of the hotel. The bus service is also direct, but will leave on a certain time and will take you to the Tartu Bus station (although only a 5 minute walk from the venue).


There is also a train connection between Tallinn and Tartu, but it leaves from the city centre of Tallinn and will arrive to Tartu train station that is around a 20 minute walk away from the venue. A good option if you are exploring Tallinn before/after the meeting!


To Estonia by plane

To tartu: Tartu Airport







To Tallinn: Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport

  • All major European flight companies provide either direct or connection flights to Tallinn
  • Getting to Tartu available via:

NB! To get a designated seat on the train you must buy a first class ticket!

To Estonia by bus

Information about international bus routes: www.luxexpress.euwww.ecolines.ee and www.eurolines.ee.


You can find more information about travelling to Estonia & Tartu from the website visittartu.com.

We RECOMMEND buying all bus, train and shuttle tickets beforehand!


Taxi apps that work in Tartu:  TaxifyTaxofon or TaxiGo

Uber is only available in Tallinn!