Becoming a medical specialist in Europe in the 21st century

25th October 2018

International postgraduate conference - “Becoming a medical specialist in Europe in the 21st century”

The Pre-Am conference

25th october 2018

The International Postgraduate Training (PGT) Conference is a  full day conference on PGT followed by the European Junior Doctors general assembly meeting. The conference is the grand finale of a larger project that the Estonian Junior Doctors Association have been running for the past two years to compare our postgraduate training in the Baltic and Nordic countries and to map changes that would need to be made in order to improve training quality.

The conference is planned to look at the current state of PGT in the region and Europe, discuss the changes happening in Europe/World and come up with ideas to improve PGT.


The wider project around this meeting was started in 2016 to discuss, compare and improve postgraduate training in the Baltic Sea region and during the 3 years of the project we aim to compare best practices of specialist training between Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian junior doctors and with the final conference with the other European countries.


We wish to get a better understanding of the problems in PGT quality assurance in our countries and give clear guidance of the changes needed. PGT curriculum/programme accreditation isn't mandatory in many of our countries, thus there can be a lot of mismatch between the aims and reality.

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Join our conference and help us get a better understanding of postgraduate training in Europe and ways we can collectively improve it in our countries!